Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MEL/MAXScript Tutorial Requests

I've been wanting to write another MEL and/or MAXScript tutorial lately, but I'm not sure yet what topic(s) I want to cover. There's plenty of MEL commands and techniques and other stuff I could do but I figured I'd put out a call and see if anyone had some specific requests. Leave a comment if you have an idea for a tutorial that you'd like to see.


  1. Hi JayG, I'd suggest more on MEL syntax if your making tutorials. One of your Namespaces posts was very useful to me recently.
    I had to select characters who had namespaces. The problem was from shot to shot those namespaces changed, and the files being references meant I couldn't remove them. To get around this, I discovered 'wildcard' characters in order to select and object regardless of it's namespace.
    Could I ask if along with wildcards if there are any other tricks for selecting or even examples of how you can use the "-if" command, that would be rather splendid and I'd be sure to fashion some form of MEL temple just for you (in Maya you understand, and it would be a cube).

  2. Generating a curve according to the normals of an object using that curve as a path constraint.


  3. copying animation curve data to apply to other files. example: copy animation from a rig to apply to same rig in another file.

  4. @Alex
    I'll try to think of some more useful syntax-based tutorials. If you think of anything specific you need help with let me know.

    Sounds fun, I'll see what I can come up with.

    Great idea! This one will take me awhile though as a full, bullet-proof animation transfer script will all the goodies that one should have is quite a lot of code. We'll see though, I'll come up with something.

    Keep'em comin' guys. Thanks for ideas!

  5. Please make a tutorial on creating a Maya Plugin using MEL Command. I mean

    1: Create a mll plugin with GUI (if possible)


    2: Create a MEL Script GUI. Then insert that MEL Script inside VB to build a mll Plugin

  6. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to Tokenize a string in Max like you showed how to do in Maya. Would love to know how to do that.

  7. I'm trying to use XYZ data from a text file to position locators in Maya but have no idea where to start. The text data comes in lines such as "l_hip -15.22 127.56 952.51" (name X Y Z). Could we get a tutorial on how to use positional data from text files?


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